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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Thom HerbertThom Herbert
Passed 1st Time
I found Nicky to be very helpful and informative throughout the whole learning process. I felt at ease at all times and any mistakes I made I learnt from quickly. I found the LD System to be very useful, it allowed me to visualise many manouvres before doing them practically. A very good experience and would definitely recommend Nicky to friends and family.

Oscar EmeryOscar Emery
5 Star
Nicky was very good at picking up what I had been previously taught from another instructor. All of the manouvres were taught well, being broken down so that I learnt them easier. Also all of the work was taught at a good pace. The LDC Workbook was a good indicator of my progress and was easily track able. It also helped with further knowledge upon doing the manouvres. I don't think the workbook or b=videos helped my necessarily as I am more of a practical learner.

Amber CherryAmber Cherry
1st Time Pass
I started to learn with NIcky when I was pregnant and found she was everything that I needed an instructor to be. Which was calm, helpful, informative and patient. I found the LD System book and DVD helpful to use when I was at home to study and get prepared. Nicky helped me to learn driving and ancillary controls at a good steady pace, without feeling rushed but discreetly pushing me forward. I used the online theory hub to help me prepare for my theory test. I found it very useful and passed with 100% on the theory and 61 points on the hazard perception. I would recommend Nicky and her LD System to anyone.

Emily KempEmily Kemp
Calm, Patient & Understanding
Nicky was a brilliant Driving Instructor! She explained to me in great detail how the LD System worked and provided brilliant resources within the workbook, DVD and online theory revision hub. Nicky was always brilliant during lessons and helped me to stay calm during stressful situations. Thanks to her excellent teaching I passed my driving test! I would like to thank Nicky for her kindness and patience and would recommend her and the LD System to anyone.

Isabel JohnsonIsabel Johnson
5 Star
From the day Nicky came to the house for a home visit, the week before my 17th birthday right until now,she has always been very helpful and always listened to how I felt about certain aspects of driving. This meant that we could work on specifics and personal targets in all sorts of ways. I really liked the LD System, the book helped me outside of lessons to consolidate my understandings and review each new thing, so we were better prepared and had more actual driving time. The online theory allowed me to pass first time and quickly book the practical test, which was our aim and target throughout the course. Overall, I am a very happy second time passer and this is thanks to Nicky's help, guidance and support that built great confidence in me. Thank you

Lucy Stubbs-Egginton
Fantastic Start to my Driving Journey
Nicky is very friendly and encouraging. She allows you to go at your own learning speed, all the while helping you move forward. Something which benefited me greatly after living in France most of my life and returning to the UK to go to University. I find the LD System itself very well configured. Watching the DVD allows you to go over what you have learnt and the workbook helps you to better prepare for the upcoming lesson. I'm also very glad that Nicky asks you to help plan your own lesson. It means that you are able to go at your own pace and know what you need to work on. As I'm going on to University before I am able to take my driving test, Nicky has been very helpful in finding me another LDC Instructor near to my University.

Katherine HaywardKatherine Hayward
Passed 1st Time
I was very pleased with Nicky. She was very patient and helped calm my nerves.She explained everything very clearly and broke things down further when I needed more help. I found the LD System very helpful and using the workbook and DVD before and after lessons helped me with my First Time Pass with just 1 driving fault. Thank you Nicky very much.

Ellena HelmEllena Helm
5* Amazing!!
5* Amazing!! Really lovely lady. I had failed my test twice before finding Nicky. My confidence was low behind the wheel and since being with Nicky it has sky rocketed! I used the LD System to work through my problem areas and the DVD was what helped get me through. My advice - use the DVD it REALLY helps. Although it's 3rd time lucky for me, it's first time pass with Nicky.

Jack AggerJack Agger
First time pass
Nicky's fantastic. I would recommend her to anybody. I was a little bit worried, but Nicky managed to settle my nerves which helped me achieve my first time pass, even with last minute change of car! She's an excellent instructor.